Helping women thrive.

I help women who are stressed and don't sleep well to sleep better and find coping strategies through genetic evaluation and epigenetic coaching.
Additionally, I coach for healthy weight-loss, life after surgical menopause & stress reduction.

Rachelle coaches from a wealth of experiences that contribute to her thoughtful, understanding and insightful reflections. Her easy and accepting manner makes it easy for me to admit areas I am struggling with and want to change, no matter how embarrassed I may feel. Rachelle's non-judgemental nature helps me discover new ways to look at my challenges and encourages me to continue experimenting with new techniques with the faith that I am moving closer to becoming my best self each week.

Natalie G.

Meet Dr. Rachelle

Dr. Rachelle has a diverse background with life long formal education and learning from the school of life. Struggling her whole life with weight issues and starting diets at 13 years of age, she understands what its like to have diets fail and feel like you can't change your body's programs. However, after years of struggling, 5 years ago, Dr. Rachelle lost over 100lbs and has successfully maintained that weight loss. Dr. Rachelle is now using genetics and epigenetic hacking to fine tune weight management, maintenance of a healthy life, and manage life after menopause and helping others do the same. Creating an optimized healthy life is what it's all about long into the future.

Epigenetics specialist, creating customized genetic blueprints

I approach coaching from a holistic vantage point. Using genetic and lab testing to create the map to understanding the heart of your health problems. Then together with coaching, nutrigenomics, movement and stress reduction create a route home to a healthier you.


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